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Pinus nigra - Austrian Pine

Height:  50-70’    

Spread: 25-40’ (pyramidal, broader in maturity)   

Foliage: 3-5” in length, dark green, somewhat stiff  

Hardiness: 3b-7 (Central and southern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska).

Growth Rate: Medium  

Common Ailments: Needle blight, tip blight, the Yugoslavian seed source is considered superior to most needle diseases.

Seed: Produces a 3” brown cone, egg shaped. Seed source is Yugoslavia.

Preferred Soil: ph 5.5-7, moderate to good adaptability 

Attributes: More tolerant then most pines of salt, wind, alkaline soil, or smoggy city conditions. It retains a dense upper growth habit as it matures and produces a scaly ridged bark.


Pinus nigra - Austrian Pine
Pinus nigra - Austrian Pine
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