We currently offer about 60 varieties from about 100,000 trees. All of our trees are hardy at least up to USDA zone 4a.

We have very affordable shipping rates to all of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, as well as parts of Nebraska, Illinois, and Missouri.

Trees: Our trees are usually planted as one year old plugs, or as 3–4-year-old transplants, and then planted into 1- and 2-gallon containers. From there they go either into a larger container or into a grow bag where they are field grown in the ground. Our trees are often purposely sold slightly undersized for their container. This creates a healthier growing environment for possible extended storage, which is why we sell them listing both the container and tree size. By rule of thumb, if it easily blows over in a container, then it is oversized for that container. Our trees also go through a designed shaping regiment that includes ample spacing and corrective pruning, but not shearing that is common in Christmas tree production.

Grow Bags: Our very course textured soil is a great asset for us in planting and harvesting grow bags. When transplanting into a grow bag we use either screened black dirt, but most oftentimes use a modified potting soil mixture. This allows for easier postharvest shipping and handling, and makes them very popular in retail lots and allows customers to pick up a tree and go. Our grow bag trees are generally healthier when compared to other methods of growing. The in-ground bag provides a cooler environment that roots prefer while eliminating any worry about circulating roots. All of our fields are watered in an effort to reduce stress and increase overall health. Most of our customers report 100% transplant survivability with faster recovery time due to minimal transplant shock.

Shrubs: Almost all of our shrubs are also transplanted into 1 or 2 gallon containers from 2-4 inch plugs or bare root cuttings. Some of our shrubs are sheared and others are hand pruned depending on variety. Most selected shrubs will display their natural beauty more effectively if optimum health and growing conditions are met.

Grafted Specialties: Many unique conifers exist for retailing, but many are not truly hardy in our extreme fluctuating northern environment. We have taken the liberty of excluding those varieties from our selections but still offer many unique forms. Some unique characteristics of our selections include dwarfs, semi-dwarfs, full or partial weeping, prostate, color and bicolor, density, shape, cones, buds, and unique foliage. Many of these plants are not well known in our area but once seen they will be appreciated for their beauty. Unlike deciduous trees, conifers offer something for all seasons along with being much friendlier to birds and other creatures that use them for shelter.