We currently offer about 120 varieties from about 100,000 trees. All of our trees are hardy at least up to USDA zone 4a.

We have very affordable shipping rates to all of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, as well as parts of Nebraska, Illinois, and Missouri.

Trees: Our trees are usually purchased as one year old plugs and transplanted into 1 or 2 gallon containers. Much care is taken to eliminate circulating roots by pot design and transplant timing. Our trees are usually found in larger size containers then what is normally associated with their size. This is why when we list a container size we always list the tree size also. When a tree is sized properly it should not blow over in normal weather conditions. Our trees also go through a shaping regiment that includes proper spacing and corrective pruning, but not shearing which is used to produce Christmas trees.

Shrubs: Almost all of our shrubs are also transplanted into 1 or 2 gallon containers from 2-4 inch plugs or bare root cuttings. Some of our shrubs are sheared and others are hand pruned depending on variety. Most selected shrubs will display their natural beauty more effectively if optimum health and growing conditions are met.

Grafted Specialties: Our wide selections include almost every possible growing type available. We have carefully selected varieties that include these characteristics; dwarfs, semi-dwarfs, full weeping, partial weeping, prostate, witches broom, color, bicolor, density, shape, cones, buds, unique foliage, and other oddities that make for a novelty plant. We have also done painstakingly research into trying to find plants that are hardy for our climate conditions. Many of these plants are not well known in our area but once seen they will be appreciated for their unique beauty. Unlike deciduous trees, conifers offer something for all seasons along with being much friendlier to birds and other creatures that use them for shelter.

Fruits: At this time we only offer blueberries that are hardy up to about zone 4a. We offer about 10 different varieties from upright and easy picking to smaller sizes that are hardy into most of zone 3. Most of our plants are offered in 1 gallon size but we do offer some in trade 2 gallons sizes. We do growing of other fruits but only as specific custom grown.