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Abies balsamea - Balsam Fir


Height: 50-70’   

Spread: 20-25’ (narrowly pyramidal)    

Hardiness: Zone 3-5. (All of Minnesota,North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska).

Foliage: Fragrant, shiny dark green, very soft     

Growth Rate: Medium         

Common Ailments: Winter desiccation in youth, intolerant of pollution   

Seed: 2-4” cone, purplish brown. Seed source is Upper Michigan.  

Preferred Soil: ph 5-6, acid, moist, cool, cannot adapt to course textures      

Attributes: Foliage is especially attractive with soft velvety leaves with white strips underneath. It can also be a specimen tree if grown in the proper location.


    2 gallon             15"
    2 gallon             18"
    3 gallon             24"

Abies balsamea - Balsam Fir
Abies balsamea - Balsam Fir
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