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Abies balsamea var phanerolepis – Canaan Fir

Height: 40-50’   
Spread: 15-25’ (pyramidal and upright)  
Hardiness: Zone 3b-7, has later bud break and consequently less tendency for spring injury  
Foliage: glossy dark green with silvery strips on undersides, similar to Fraser Fir. Can hold needles up to 10 years.  
Growth Rate: medium  
Preferred Soil: ph 5.5-7.5 well-drained deep loamy soils but can tolerate high moisture conditions. Prefers cool locations.  
Common Ailments: spider mites and deer  
Attributes: Combines the fragrance of balsam fir and the bluish coloring of fraser fir. More adaptable than balsam and usually shapes quite nicely with good dense texture. Originally from a small location in West Virginia and is not well known in the landscape industry.

2 gallon        15"
2 gallon        18"
7 gallon        24"
7 gallon        30"

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