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Larix laricina - American Larch or Tamarack

Height: 40-60’ 
Spread: 15-25’ (pyramidal form, horizontal branching)  
Leaf Color: Green, tint of blue 
Fall: Bright yellow, very showy    
Growth Rate: Fast in youth, then medium    
Hardiness: Zone 2-5 (All of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and northern Nebraska).
Common Ailments: None serious  
Flower: Small, pinkish-yellow, on branchlets   
Seed: Small oval brown cones. Seed source is Wisconsin.
Preferred Soil: ph 4.5-6, Requires acid soil and prefers cool bottomlands but can adapt to course testure soils.
Attributes: A deciduous conifer with soft and slender 1” needles that grow in tufts along the numerous pendulous branchlets. Fall color always occurs later than it does on most deciduous trees and is usually a bright yellow.

         2 gallon          18"
         2 gallon          24"
         7 gallon           3'

Larix laricina - American Larch or Tamarack
Larix laricina - American Larch or Tamarack
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