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Pinus cembra ‘Herman’ – Prairie Statesman® Swiss Stone Pine

Height: 25-35’ or more   
Spread: 10-15’ (narrow pyramidal, slightly upright form, dense)  
Hardiness: Zones 3-6   
Growth Rate: slow  
Foliage: soft, bright blue-green, 2-5” length  
Seed: oblong cones 2-3 “ in length, greenish to purplish-brown, seeds are edible  
Preferred Soil: ph 5-6.5, prefers well drained but somewhat adaptable   
Common Ailments: stressed trees can be susceptible to cankers, borers, caterpillars, and deer browsing   Attributes: An excellent specimen tree of moderate size with a dense growth habit. Very attractive mostly all around with rich blue-green color and an outstanding symmetrical growth outline.  

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