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Pinus strobus - White Pine (Upper Michigan seed)

Height: 60-80’   

Spread: 25-40’ (pyramidal becoming open with large branches in maturity)   

Foliage: 3-4” light green needles, very soft, tufts of five   

Hardiness: Zone 3-7 (All of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, South and North Dakota, and Nebraska).

Growth Rate: Medium-fast 

Common Ailments: Canker, weevil, chlorosis, intolerant of pollution and salt   

Seed: 4-8” light brown cones, cylindrical. Seed source is Upper Michigan.

Preferred Soil: ph 4.5-6, well-drained, very acid, course texture    

Attributes: A very fine soft texture tree that will grow about 2 feet annually once it becomes established. Many native groves still persist in our area where their large majestic beauty can still be fully appreciated.

                   2 gallon                      12"
                   2 gallon                      15"
                   7 gallon                      18"
                   7 gallon                      24"
                   7 gallon                      30"
                   7 gallon                      36"
                  10 gallon                     36"
                  10 gallon                     42"
                  10 gallon                      4'
                  14" grow bag              36"
                  18" grow bag               4'

Pinus strobus - White Pine (Upper Michigan seed)
Pinus strobus - White Pine (Upper Michigan seed)
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