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Taxus X media 'Tauntonii' - Taunton Yew

Height: 3-5’  

Spread: 6-8’ (Broadly spreading, usually with horizontal top). 

Growth Rate: Medium

Hardiness: Zone 3b-7.  

Foliage: Very dark green with light brown tips, very soft.  

Common Ailments: Sometimes browsed by deer.  

Preferred Soil: ph 5.5-7, moist but adequate drainage. Can tolerate sun or heavy shade.  

Attributes: Yews offer many unique characteristics, most notable is its rich green color and softness. Its extreme hardiness for a yew makes this plant highly preferred in our locality.

   1 gallon                    6-10"
   3 gallon                   18" 
   5 gallon                   24"

Taxus X media 'Tauntonii' - Taunton Yew
Taxus X media 'Tauntonii' - Taunton Yew
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