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Thuja occidentalis 'Techny' - Techny Arborvitae

Height: 10-20’   

Spread: 5-10’ (pyramidal form when not sheared)  

Foliage: Dark green, soft but scale like covering      

Hardiness: Zone 3-7     

Growth Rate: Slow    

Common Ailments: None very serious

Seed: Small ½”, light brown scaly cones     

Preferred Soil: ph 6-8, moist, deep     

Attributes: Resist winter desiccation and known to be the hardiest cold-weather arborvitae cultivar. Foliage is very tolerant to shaping or shearing and will make an excellent hedge or border screen.

  2 gallon              12"     
 14" grow bag      30"
 14" grow bag      36"

Thuja occidentalis 'Techny' - Techny Arborvitae
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