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Picea pungens ‘Blue Diamond’ – Blue Diamond Spruce

Height: 10-20’  
Spread: 10-15’ (pyramidal, dense, slightly upright branches, semi-dwarf)  
Hardiness: zones 3-7  
Growth Rate: moderately slow  
Foliage: intense brilliant silver-blue densely packed needles that encircle all the branches  
Preferred Soil: ph 6-7.5, prefers well drained soils and can thrive in clay or sand. Has good drought resistance  
Common Ailments: when grown in open locations it is very disease resistant. Also provides good deer resistance.  
Attributes: The intense blue color is its best feature. It also provides a highly desirable uniform dense branching habit that remains relatively small in stature. Excellent specimen tree.

2 gallon       6-12"

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