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Picea pungens ‘The Blues” – Weeping Blue Spruce

Height: 5-10’, dependent on staking  
Spread: 5-10’, dependent on pruning, (narrow and weeping, can also be a creeper if left unpruned)   
Hardiness: zones 2-7  
Growth Rate: moderate   
Foliage: stiff silver-blue needles that surround each branch  
Seed: very rarely produces any cones  
Preferred Soil: ph 6-7.5, well-drained with good drought resistance  
Common Ailments: sometimes susceptible to mites and can get needlecast in warm and humid environments. Good deer tolerance  
Attributes: A beautiful and colorful weeping spruce tree that can be grown to fit many designs. This award-winning tree is usually the favorite among nurserymen when in choosing a weeping blue spruce tree.

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