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Picea pungens ‘Thompsenii’ – Thompsen Blue Spruce

Height: 30-50’     

Spread: 12-15’ (uniformly pyramidal, good density)     

Hardiness: Zone 3-7

Growth Rate: Medium  

Foliage: very stiff and thick, 1½” in length, bright and glossy silver blue in color  

Preferred Soil: ph 4.5-6.5, course texture or light clay if well-drained.  

Attributes: A stately and symmetrical tree with intense glaucose colored leaves that is comparable to Hoopsi. Considered by many nurseryman to be the best overall Blue Spruce tree. Original tree came from Pennsylvania.

   2 gallon             15"
   14" grow bag     4'
   18" grow bag     5'

Picea pungens ‘Thompsenii’ – Thompsen Blue Spruce
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