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Pinus mugo “Mops” – Mops Mugo Pine

Height: 2-3’  
Spread: 2-4’ (very dense, round to oval in form)  
Hardiness: zones 2-7  
Growth Rate: very slow, usually 2-4 inches annually  
Foliage: very dense short needles that are emerald green in color  
Preferred Soil: ph 5.5-8, very well-drained and can grow in sand or clay but cannot tolerate standing water. Also prefers slightly cool site conditions.  
Common Ailments: requires full sun to grow in and is occasionally bothered by sawflies and tip blight  
Attributes: A very hardy and maintenance free plant with fine textured bright green leaves. A very tough urban plant tolerant of salt and air pollution.

1 gallon

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