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Pinus strobus ‘Horsford’ – Horsford Dwarf White Pine

Height: up to 1 foot  
Spread: 1-1/2 feet (very dense, rounded, soft)  
Hardiness: Zone 3-7  
Growth Rate: very slow, dwarf, approximately 3” per year.  
Foliage: very soft, light green with a tinge of yellow.  
Preferred Soil: ph 4.5-6, well drained, moderate adaptability  
Common Ailments: pine blister rust, dislikes heavy city pollutants   
Attributes: Is more compact than either Blue Shag or Nana and is a true dwarf witches-broom. Requires no maintenance and shows some browsing tolerance from deer and rabbits. Very rarely found in cultivation in our immediate area. 


Pinus strobus ‘Horsford’ – Horsford Dwarf White Pine
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