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Picea glauca – White Spruce

Height: 50-70’   
Spread: 15-25’ (narrowly conical, upright branches)    
Foliage: ¾” dark green, sometimes with a bluish hue  
Hardiness: 2-6   
Growth Rate: Medium   
Common Ailments: None very serious   
Seed: 2” brown cones, pendulous    
Preferred Soil: ph 5-6.5, moist, good adaptability 
Attributes: Being indigenous to our area allows for good disease resistance and adaptability. Also very tolerate of humid and salty roadside conditions.  It is very similar to Black Hills Spruce, almost indistinguishable in youth, except that it is a much faster grower throughout its life span. 

18" grow bag        5'

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