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Picea pungens ‘Fat Albert’ – Fat Albert Spruce

Height: 15-20’   
Spread: 10-25’ (broadly pyramidal)   
Hardiness: Zone 3-7 
Foliage: 1” very rigid, bright blue 
Growth Rate: Slow-medium, semi-dwarf    
Preferred Soil: ph 5.5-7, course and well-drained, adaptable    
Common Ailments: Some susceptibility to fungal diseases when enclosed 
Attributes: The bright blue foliage is very eye-catching when compared to the glauca strains. A small to average size tree with good uniform density and usually has strong apical dominance.

14" grow bag     36"
14" grow bag     42"
18" grow bag     4'
18" grow bag     5'
18" grow bag     6'

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