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Picea pungens glauca ‘Montrose Farm Strain’ – Baby Blue Spruce

Height: 20-30’  
Spread: 10-15’ (conical and compact growth habit).  
Hardiness: Zone 2-7  
Foliage: A consistent bright blue that slowly intensifies with age. Has good needle uniformity around each stem.       
Growth Rate: Slow in youth to medium after about 5 years.  
Preferred Soil: ph 5.5-7, prefers only slightly acidic soils that are well-drained.  
Common Ailments: Needlecast, woolly aphid. Susceptibility is greatly reduced in an open air cool environment.   Attributes: This tree has a consistent astonishing 100% color reliability, considering that its genetic variability comes from pollinated seeds. Its moderate size, intense blue color, and uniform compact growth habit makes this an excellent choice where quality blue color is desired.

14" grow bag     36"
14" grow bag     42"
14" grow bag     48"
18" grow bag     4'
18" grow bag     5'

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