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Pinus strobus – Eastern White Pine

Height: 60-80’  
Spread: 25-40’ (pyramidal becoming open with large branches in maturity)  
Foliage: 3-4” light green needles, very soft, tufts of five   
Hardiness: Zone 3-7   
Growth Rate: Medium-fast 
Common Ailments: Canker, weevil, chlorosis, intolerant of pollution and salt  
Seed: 4-8” light brown cones, cylindrical    
Preferred Soil: ph 4.5-6, well-drained, very acid, course texture   
Attributes: A very fine soft texture tree that will grow about 2 feet annually once it becomes established. Many native groves still persist in our area where their large majestic beauty can still be fully appreciated.

14" grow bag      36"
14" grow bag      42"
14" grow bag      4'
14" grow bag      5'
18" grow bag      5'
18" grow bag      6'
18" grow bag      7'

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