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Thuja occidentalis ‘bailJohn’ – Technito™ Aborvitae

Height: 5-6’  
Spread: 2-3’ (compact pyramidal, semi-dwarf)  
Hardiness: Zone 3b-7  
Growth Rate: Slow  
Foliage: Emerges light green but remains dark green at all other times of the year.  
Preferred Soil: ph 6-8, moist, can tolerate partial shade.  
Common Ailments: None common.  
Attributes: Technito is a mutation sport of Techny with the distinctive dark green foliage but is more refined and compact. Has many uses as in foundation plantings, but is often used in restricted hedges and screens areas, and will rarely require sheering.

14" grow bag       30"
14" grow bag       36"

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